A world wide SUP eXperience

A new and exciting way to explore different parts of the world – on a SUP board! Live, eat, sleep, SUP!

We have begun the SUP11X as a way of sharing the feeling of the SUP11 CityTour around the world and give a boost to sports tourism in areas that maybe are not known for the possibilities to stand up paddle. The idea is to organize paddle events for amateurs and pro’s that will enjoy beautiful scenery and will be together with other paddlers and volunteers who are all there with the same goal: enjoy the SUP life.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

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SUP11 Beaches

This island is located between the mainland of Italy, Toscany, and Corsica a French island

The start on day 1 and the finish on day 5 will be in Procchio. After breakfast the morning is for paddling, after the finish we will lunch on the beach where we land. After the lunch there is time to explore the island, the organization will take care of the board transport and storage for the night. This program will be repeated 5 days and the closing party is on Sunday in Procchio.

SUP11 Rocks

Does this island need any explanation, known as a party and hippie island all over the world, less known for its beautiful bays, rocks and beaches. The set up is similar to Elba, here we work together with SUP Ibiza for organizing, also SUP paradise Ibiza will join during the week. At this moment lodging is not determined yet, sleeping on catamarans or a hotel where we all can stay are the options.

SUP11 Islands

Thailand (only inflatable boards allowed)!
Home of Starboard and NSP headquarters, not surprising that this asian paradise is on the agenda in the first SUP11X year. The daily schedule will be paddle in the morning, lunch and Thai massage after paddling and free time after 15.


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