COVID-19 video update by Ritske & Marije – 7th April 2020

The SUP11X has started to share the feeling of the SUP11 CityTour around the world and give a boost to sports tourism in areas that maybe are not known for the possibilities to stand up paddle. The idea is to organize paddle events for amateurs and pro’s that will enjoy a beautiful scenery and will be together with other paddlers and volunteers who are all there with the same goal: enjoy the SUP life.

The set up is quite easy, a local SUP school is in the lead for organizing and local contacts. The SUP11 X foundation that is also running the SUP11 CityTour is responsible for promotion, finances and media coverage of the SUP11 X event. The main interest is to promote the sport, enjoy life and give a boost to the paddlesport in the SUP11 X locations. 

The effects that the SUP11 City Tour had in the past 10 years are significant, the growth of the sport in The Netherlands and the brand awareness of the 11 Cities in the province of Fryslân has increased significantly. Being on the bucket list of almost all long distance paddlers is a compliment Anne-Marie Reichman, the founder of the SUP11 City Tour was hoping for but was not the aim of the tour. Read more here about the history of the SUP11 City Tour in The Netherlands (click here).

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