Go Green with SUP11 X

Our Oceans are polluted with plastic litter. It is estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.

Our Frisian waterways endure pollution as well.

We were surprised by how much trash was gathered when the SUP 11-City Tour started its first annual 220 kilometer long SUP clean up in 2018.

Friesland is our beautiful happy place where many water enthusiasts play, enjoy nature, relax, teach, train and experience the annual SUP 11-City Tour in SUPtember.

We love for our annual growing event with an Ohana gathering from all over the world to set example in a green and healthy way for ourselves and our planet. We also love to inspire our athletes, volunteers, supporters, followers and International events HOW to Go Green and how to collaborate together joining the Green Wave in able to make global change happen.

In the following ‘Green pages’ you will learn about the ‘Green Wave’, the problem of plastic pollution, what the SUP 11-City Tour is doing to support environmental solutions and minimize the carbon foot print, what you personally can do towards a healthier Planet and how to join of the Green Wave!

“The Green Wave”

What is the Green Wave?

The Green Wave is a global movement and platform where Green initiatives come together in able to set example and inspire others which can lead to a positive change.

The Green Wave is an initiative from Anne-Marie Reichman-Totah the founder, athlete, environmentalist and ‘Green Coordinator’ of the SUP 11-City Tour.

“There are so many great Green initiatives happening which is very hopeful, but our planet is also still suffering too much, which is impacting us and our future generations.

Change for the better needs to happen sooner than later.

When we all get on board and start riding the same Wave, it can grow into an XXXL Wave, change the current course we’re sailing and create change towards consumer demands and with that mass production that influences our daily pollution & carbon print. The SUP 11-City Tour loves to be part of that change.

After 11 years, we have an amazing SUP 11 OHANA with athletes, volunteers, sponsors, organization, businesses, supporters, celebrities, artists and followers from over 30 different countries in this world around the world.

Wouldn’t it be beyond our wildest dreams to see all of us work together and see our Planet flourish again?! I am in! It takes commitment, it takes all of us, it takes discipline and it takes picking up a lot of trash. Let’s be part of the Miracle and give back to our beloved planet with all our playgrounds that keep us happy and healthy.

Will you join the Green Wave?


Join us at one of our SUP11X events in 2019! Help us grow the SUP11x international family